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This site is dedicated to all those to whom the name Abie Nathan means something, and to those who would like to find out more about him. It includes Abie Nathan’s life history and his public activity.

The information on this site is based on Abie’s recollections , newspaper clippings, recordings from “The Voice of Peace”, Abie’s personal archive, my own conversations with Abie and with people who were involved in his public activities. I have set it up on my own accord but with Abie’s knowledge. Although I am a great fan of Abie’s, I have tried to be as objective as possible and have also added some criticism of the man. I have tried not to refer to the gossip surrounding Abie. Although talks openly about his private affairs to the best of my knowledge he has never mentioned the members of his family. For this reason I decided not to mention names of people who might find their exposure offensive. Finally, any assistance and archive mentioned associated with this site as well as any comments or corrections would be much appreciated. .

I would like to thank Abie’s friends, the few who haven’t abandoned him, and , in particular Errol, Henry, Esti, Liora, Gil and Eva. Thanks also to Eytan Harris who worked on the documentary for many years and who has allowed me to use clippings from his film. A special thanks to the Rechtman family whose behaviour towards Abie should be an inspiration, to Gil Rechtman for the translation to English and his kind help, and a special thanks to Anatoli Rotman and Roei Jacobovitch, for the construction of this site.

Noam Tal, June 2008